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First up, the widely rumoured OLED screen has made another appearance. According to Asian website Nikkei, Samsung is spending $6.8 billion on OLED production this year to supply Apple, thought to be for the iPhone 7. The orders appear to be for 5.5-inch OLED display panels.

Next, the Lightning port has long thought to become the sole connection on the device, with Apple rumored to ditch the 3.5mm headphone slot. Japanese site Otakara continues along those lines.

It reports that Apple will ship its Ear Pod headphones with Lightning connections only, as part of the iPhone 7 package. But Apple is also rumored to be throwing in a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter that will allow current headphones to work on the new phone. The rumors go on to say the 3.5mm jack space left on the phone will be filled with an additional speaker.

Finally, leaked images from Rock Fix, a Chinese repairs shop, have appeared via Weibo and show what’s claimed to be the iPhone 7 dual camera unit. It also features 256GB storage from SanDisk and a dual-SIM unit, apparently.

Pretty much everything leaked afresh from these sources has already been rumored before. This suggests that the Apple rumor mill could be getting it spot on this year, taking a lot of the surprise out of Apple’s expected iPhone 7 unveiling event in September.



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